May 16 2017

Steps in the shaping of ETS Innovation Fund

***UPDATE 25 June 2017: DG CLIMA has uploaded the presentations made in the workshops and its conference report. No attendance lists, though.***

UPDATE 24 May 2017: Registration open for “Presentation of the report of recommendations from the sectorial consultation round tables” (wrap-up event ‘Conference 3’) — deadline 7 June. Agenda.***

This table recaps the different stages in the shaping of ETS Innovation Fund. The next event is the wrap-up event on 12 June. Registration not yet open.

Timing What Output
08 May to 31 July 2014 Public consultation 1: “Consultation on Emission Trading System (ETS) post-2020 carbon leakage provisions” Analysis
19 Dec 2014 to 17 Mar 2015 Public consultation 2: “Consultation on revision of the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) Directive” Analysis
15 July 2015 ETS and Impact assessment
9 June 2016 Conference 1: “High Level Round Table on Low-Carbon Innovation” Article
20 Jan 2017 Conference 2: “Finance for innovation: Towards the ETS Innovation Fund”


6 Feb Sectoral roundtables:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Non-ferrous metals


3 non-public reports: innovation needs for both sectors + joint report on financing needs
23 March Sectoral roundtables:

  • Oil & refining
  • Chemicals & bio-based
  • Pulp & paper


4 non-public reports: innovation needs for both sectors + joint report on financing needs
6 April Sectoral roundtables:

  • Cement & lime
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Renewable energies
  • Storage


6 non-public reports: innovation needs for all sectors + joint report for cement & lime and glass & ceramics on financing needs + joint report for renewable energies and storage on financing needs

The EC said it would publish the questions put to the participants in these workshops, but it has not. It also said it would publish the presentations, but it has not, possibly because speakers refused to allow this.

April Online survey Survey of about 150 companies or associations by CLIMA’s consultants to gain knowledge of specific projects’ financial needs and asking pointed questions about the design of ETS Innovation Fund.
12 June Conference 3: Wrap-up of stakeholder roundtables

Each sectoral roundtable report is presented by its writer. A consolidated summary of the full thirteen, which the EC should have in its possession “by the end of May” (Doubrava, 6 April) is published by the EC. It will include a list of the participants in the roundtables.

This final event “is probably where we from the Commission side will become a bit more outspoken in terms of what we think could fly from all the ideas we have been hearing,” said Artur Runge-Metzger on 20 Jan.

  Public consultation 3 Described by Runge-Metzger as a “web-based stakeholder consultation”, he downplayed its usefulness because he said it will not afford the opportunity for stakeholders to be questioned by each other and the Commission, unlike the roundtables. Director-General Jos Delbeke, speaking on 12 June 2017, confirmed it would happen, with a 12-week deadline to respond. That was confirmed on 19 Sept in a presentation by Head of Unit Peter Wehrheim
2018 Impact Assessment written; operational rules defined From the Wehrheim presentation at the link above
2020, maybe 2019 First ETS Innovation Fund awards made Artur Runge-Metzger on 20 Jan 2017: “ETS Innovation Fund will provide money as of 2020 – around that date. Maybe it’s 2019 if we are lucky.” Wehrheim presentation 19 Sept 2017 (link above): “Launch the Innovation Fund close to or before 2020.”