May 05 2016

EPP Group sets out its priorities for ETS reform

A short article on its website sets them out.

Part of its proposed reforms relate to ETS Innovation Fund. Its clearest line is, “The allowances for the innovation fund should be taken from the auction share rather than from the free allocation share.”

  1.’s comment

    There are other statements on ETS Innovation Fund, but they are rather cryptic. It’s difficult to infer anything more than a vague enthusiasm for CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) and CCU (Carbon Capture and Usage) from the lines below:

    “Innovation fund (to be financed by allowances from the auction share): we should ensure that CCS and CCU projects can trigger support under the innovation fund/support, topping up the existing amount of allowances in the innovation fund.”

    It also says, “Small projects as well as projects in non-ETS sectors should be supported”, but is unclear whether it is talking about them being supported in ETS Innovation Fund, or through Member States’ auctioning revenues.