Apr 25 2016

DG CLIMA conference on ETS Innovation Fund

The European Commission will host a High Level Roundtable on Low-Carbon Innovation on 9 June in Brussels. The Director General of DG CLIMA, Jos Delbeke, has invited senior people from some organisations to attend in person. His invitation says the roundtable “will enable an exchange of ideas on how to make best use of the opportunities to be provided by the Innovation Fund”. It will be webstreamed here.

  1. NER400.com’s comment

    ***UPDATE 19 June 2016: The SET Plan did, in the end, get a look-in at the roundtable. One of the speakers was Sweden’s delegate to the SET Plan Steering Group, Lars Guldbrand.***

    Neither the invitation nor DG CLIMA’s corresponding webpage make any reference to the SET Plan. The roundtable is not listed in the SET Plan Steering Group’s schedule of meetings, nor was the Steering Group informed of it at its most recent meeting on 13 April. For many stakeholders and Member States the SET Plan and SPIRE are the first places to look for ideas for ETS Innovation Fund.

    The apparent mutual lack of awareness suggests there is still much to do to get DGs ENER and RTD to talk to DG CLIMA and vice versa. Stakeholders have commented on this.